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Telling Stories

Recently the Women’s Speakers Association presented a webinar taught by speaking coach, Felicia Slattery.  Although I learned a great deal on this webinar,  one thing in particular really struck a chord with me.  STORY TELLING!   The concept of story telling is not new, it’s been around forever!  Jesus tells stories, referred to as parables,, throughout the Bible to teach lessons and emphasize important aspects of living this remarkable thing called life.  We can do the same with our stories.  We all have stories from our extraordinary, ordinary lives.  As a matter of fact, I would venture to say that you could sit down right now and list a dozen stories from your life that taught you a lesson!  So go ahead!  Make that list!

I’ve begun my list and starting on August 1st, I will begin my 30 days of stories challenge!  I will be posting a new video story every day to share a story of encouragement, inspiration and motivation with you!  I promise you these stories will be true events from my life!  Some will make you laugh out loud!  I invite you to join me on this journey!  I’d love for you to share the videos with your friends and invite others to tune in!  Maybe you’d consider a story challenge of your own?  Please let me know if you do so I can participate with you!  I’d love to hear stories of how God has moved in your life!  I’d love to know what events have motivated you to keep going or go a different direction!  Stories of triumph and failure and what you’ve learned about yourself through it all or perhaps, what you would tell someone else who might be in that same place! Continue reading “Telling Stories”


What a Smile Can Do

I’m sure you’ve heard that smiling is contagious, but did you know that it can also be so much more?  Studies have shown that the mere act of smiling can improve your mood, decrease anxiety and stress and cause a reaction in your body that reduces harmful toxins that can lead to a variety of ailments and diseases.  The mere act of smiling can improve our own health.  So just imagine what would happen if we smiled more frequently?  We would cause a chain reaction as others smile back at us and together we would become less stressed and would have better health overall!  Not to mention we would all be in a better mood!

Recently my daughter shared this wonderful little short film with me.  It truly touched my heart and is a great example of what smiling and being kind to others can do not only for the  giver and recipient but the ripple effect is truly inspiring.  Take a moment to watch this and then some back for the remainder of my blog.

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